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What Is The Origin Of Tennis?

The origin of the game is a mystery with various theories.

One version thinks that Stone Age man hit rocks forwards and backwards with clubs.

Some believe that the game originates from ancient civilisations. Some Arabic words dating from ancient Egyptian times are considered as evidence. The theory says that the word tennis derives from Tinnis – an ancient Egyptian town – and the word racquet evolved from the Arabic word rahat meaning palm of the hand.

The first game similar to Tennis was played in the 11th or 12th century France by monks. They played over a rope stretched across the court or sometimes hitting the ball against the wall of the monastery. Hands were used to hit the ball. The game was named “jeu de paume” meaning “game of the hand”. Gloves were used later on and then players started to use bats.

Many suggest that the name of the game derived from the French word “tenez” meaning “take this”, suggesting one player serving to the other.

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